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On Friday, August 5th, 2011, I signed a paper saying I would voluntarily run for 13."some odd" miles. What the heck was I thinking?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Last Stretch

So many milestones, so little time!!

Can you believe we're only a month away from my run? I can't.  It scared the poo outta me.  Am I ready? Am I going to make it the whole way?  What if I pass out on the course?  Do you pee yourself if you pass out?  Can you imagine?  First time half marathoner passes out in front of thousands of spectators and proceeds to urinate on herself and the first aid crew trying to revive her.  Dearrrrr...goodness.  I have an active imagination. 

I also have a habit of worrying.  Could you tell?  My biggest worry right now is that I won't hit my financial goal of raising $2,500 by November 28th.  That scares me to no end. I have so many generous friends, and I thank God every day for how helpful they are and how patient they have all been listening to my silly stories and complaints about not losing a SINGLE FREAKING POUND on this journey.  Nope, not one.  I'm trying to stay positive but when I'm faced with a deadline I go into stress mode.  And guess what? My deadline is looming...closer and closer and closer.

Saturday Jen and I ran 8 miles on the Mallard Creek Greenway.  Once again, BEAUTIFUL.  The fall leaves were gorgeous, the people were scarce and the dogs were happy.  It still amazes me that I can move my body in a forward motion for that far without puking, or going into some form of shock.  And yet when I'm finished I'm all cocky and thinking, "Yeah, of course I ran eight miles.  Cuz I'm awesome, and I'm kickin' some crazy butt!" 

Thankfully we didn't have to see nearly naked runner this week, but we did see a plethera of squirrels.  Squirrels with nuts in their mouths, squirrels who stood in the middle of the path so that I actually felt it necessary to shoo him OFF the path so it didn't run up my leg and bite into my jugular.  Have I mentioned I'm paranoid?  HEY!! Suirrels can be rabbid too ya know?  And my jugular is just so vulnerable and out there...right under that weak skin of my throat.....eeeeeeks.  It's POSSIBLE!!!

Two things happened on Saturday that were fun for me!!! I got to pee in the woods again while Jen kept an eye on the track for would be peeping Toms! And then I had to blow a snot rocket. I couldn't help it! My nose was running, and I couldn't sniff enough to keep it back. It just needed to get out of its confines and greet the day!!! So it did...right behind Chipper Jen.  I think she started running faster to get away from me.  But I can't be sure.
After we ran, I'm embarassed to say we went to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and an egg white sandwich.  Well, I definitely got the sandwich...and a large mint chocolate mocha.  Large.....on ice.....probably 3,500 calories. I CANNOT figure out why I can't lose weight. It's just weird.

Tuesday night I missed my chipper Jen, but I was quite entertained by Chatty Val and Urinating Jackie.  Val and Jackie are amazing people.  Val has no problem walking up to a complete stranger, telling them they will in fact be donating to her cause and this is how much they are going to spend.  Then she will explain to them she'll be hitting them up after the holiday for more money with a great smile on her face and a shrug of her shoulders as she places the money they just handed her into a pouch.  She's creative, she's direct, she's amazing.  I love it.  Jackie...likes to pee. He likes stories about peeing, he likes to tell others where he's peed before, where he's not had a chance to pee, about when they got to pee in porta-potties because of the construction....anything about peeing, you can guess Jackie will have a story about it. If I need to go, he knows where there's a spot.  I appreciate that.

This weekend is 11 miles.  So I have 11 miles to run and $1,060 to raise.  No pressure!